New Land Rover Defender “is not far away”


It is difficult to wait patiently for the new Land Rover Defender , especially after hearing that it will arrive in the United States. Fortunately, Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern said the model “is not far off.”

During the Automotive News Europe Congress last week, McGovern talked about the successor to the original model that ended production in 2016 after having a life of more than 60 years. The new version is expected to maintain the same hardness as the original model. McGovern noted that the SUV will be able to go to very difficult places.

Although the appearance of the new Defender will maintain an emotional connection with the past generation, McGovern hinted that the new version will be more modern to attract a new generation of buyers as well as the owners of the current Defender.

“This was a vehicle that for a long time was the emotional core of our brand. In order to move our brand forward, we need to create desirable and relevant vehicles to attract a wider group of customers, “he said.

McGovern’s comments reflect something we had already heard. A few years ago, we learned that the new Defender would arrive in 2018 to celebrate the 70th anniversary. Land Rover could produce up to 30,000 SUV units each year. And as we inform you, the new Defender, which will arrive in the United States, will be based on the same platform with a great use of aluminum as the Range Rover Sport and the new Land Rover Discovery .

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