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It is hard to believe that this was the 20 goes edition of Cruisin ‘the Coast and although we have no numbers end participation because registrations are still open, the initial numbers indicate that this was the Cruisin’ the largest Coast in history.

The weather was absolutely perfect and we see vehicles of every description going back and forth on Highway 90 from Ocean Springs to Bay St. Louis and at least seven other cities. Although we dealt with 10,000 other fans, there were many more things to do besides driving. For example, an auction of dozens of cars collection is full of vendors. Yes, every place is bigger and better than ever.


We like the mix of cars that make Cruisin ‘the Coast an annual tradition. From hot rods to clubs 1948 Corvette with cars ranging from 1953 to 2016, here you can find everything. The cars of the decade of the 50s and 60s seem to be the most popular in the group, from the Chevy 1955 to the muscle cars of the ‘ 60s.


Over the years, the event has grown too large in numbers and days. Now it is advertised as a weeklong event. Because the number of cars has increased, it has also increased the number of days of the event. In talking with organizers of the event, we were told that the cars are coming from three days before the start of the event, while others are staying a few days after the event ends. This means that the current management is at least 10 days. Our recommendation is to get here early and stay late, as the event is great. We enjoyed great food, reunions with friends and we have been busy selecting the first 10 cars of Street Rodder Top 100 presented by Painless Performance and we are also looking our best Ford introduced by Ford Performance. And if … Cruisin ‘the Coast is a great event and we thank the volunteers who have made this event possible over the last 20 years.

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