Ford Patrols are more hidden strobe lights

Patrols in the United States are known to camouflage themselves in the streets. Many drivers are wary when they see a Ford Explorer black to avoid being fined by the authority. But now Ford is making the Police Interceptor Utility even more difficult to distinguish, thanks to new rear strobe lights that are hidden in the spoiler.

Bright LED lights are integrated into the rear spoiler of the Explorer and this has served the authorities for two important things. The first is that it allows the police have better outward visibility and the second is that while they are off, the turrets are difficult to detect for those approaching from the rear.

According to Ford, the strobe lights aftermarket are installed inside or outside the front and rear glass – preventing visibility. Lights Ford factory leave more space for a better view.

“The lights aftermarket can impede visibility to hang on the glass. Our strobe lights spoiler are integrated into the spoiler, so the authorities may have LED lights in red, blue and amber without compromising rear visibility, “said Stephen Tyler, marketing manager for Ford Police.

The lights are located as two alternating bars when they are on and can be programmed to light in red / red, blue / blue or amber. In addition, they can reduce their brightness by up to 80 percent, improving visibility for other drivers on the road.

A few months ago we saw that the strobe lights had reached the Ford Interceptor but these were located in the upper windshield frame, and like the spoiler, occupying less space, so the outward visibility was much better. Strobe lights spoiler can be ordered from now on all 2017 Police Interceptor Utility and, like other accessories, have the Ford factory warranty.

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