Chevrolet Corvette Central Engine is Spied


The Chevrolet Corvette mid -engine was picked up once again, this time doing tests along with its high performance engine brother, the ZR1. We’ve seen both cars before, but this is the first time we see them together. These are also the best images we’ve seen so far of the central engine Corvette.

The photographer told us that GM tried desperately to hide the Corvette’s body with a central engine, covering the car with a black sheet and tried to block it with two Silverado HD. But when they removed the sheet, it was impossible to hide the proportions of the Corvette with central engine , especially with a Corvette of front motor to its side. Seeing the central engine Corvette next to the ZR1 is much shorter than the C7, and the whole car seems to have been lengthened from the B-pillar backwards. The hood line is also more, another clue that there is nothing under the hood.

Mid Engine Chevrolet Corvette testing with ZR1 front three quarter 05

As we have been informed here, the GM supercar with a central engine is expected to join the Corvette range. The ZR1 would be the top-performing model in the front-engine Corvette line-up, while the mid-engine model expected to be named Zora would be positioned as the competitor against Ferrari and Porsche – not to mention Ford GT . The center-engine Corvette could receive a 6.2-liter DOHC direct-injection V-8 DOHC engine that was filtered in a GM internal document. On the other hand, the ZR1 could get an evolution of the V-8 LT4 of 650 horsepower.

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