Chevrolet Corvette central engine is spied again

Every time we get images of Chevrolet Corvette prototype mid – engine get better. Thanks to our spy photographers who managed to find a space among the trees of the field trials of General Motors, now have a clearer appearance of the mule central engine that is expected to reach production as 2019 model year.

The profile picture is a little blurry, but still reveals a lot. To begin with , the prototype has many unmistakable proportions that is a sports car with central engine, especially its short front that no longer has the space to accommodate the engine 6.2 LT1 V-8 is now the heart of the Corvette C7. The windshield and doors seem to come from the C7, but its long roof and rear give us an idea of the engine behind the seats.


The prototype was captured last few months, although the images (which were taken from more than a mile away) were much more blurred than we see here.

Rumors suggest that the mid-engine Corvette has the code name “Emperor” and could have the emblems of Zora once it reaches production. There is also much speculation about the hybrid version and a version of Cadillac. With Zora, GM will be competing against the Ford GT, 488 GTB Ferrari and McLaren 650S. Zora will certainly be expensive, so we believe that the Corvette will retain the front-engine in its lineup.

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